have you joined the mob?

what do charleston place, great impressions, paradise park miniature golf course and r&r greenhouse all have in common?  they are all just a few of the locally-owned businesses that have been featured in cash mobs – the latest trend designed to help fuel our local economy.  downtown marion, inc. and the marion young professionals have partnered to help promote small businesses in our community by taking part in this movement that has been proving successful in small towns all over the country.

twice a month, a particular SECRET local business is selected to be the cash mob location with an announced after-party location to follow. all cash mob participants meet at a designated location where the secret cash mob business is revealed and then “mobbed”.  each participant is asked to spend a minimum of $10 at the cash mob location. keeping the business a secret until mob time encourages people to try businesses that they may have passed on if they knew in advance. we can tell you that it has been eye-opening – it is really wonderful to have this opportunity to see what our community has to offer! there are businesses that we now think to visit that we didn’t really know much about before cash mobs. the after-parties are just as great! they take place at local establishments where the group can get food and drinks and have an opportunity to network and socialize. we have met so many new people who are also passionate and dedicated to helping support our local economy – so marionish!

to keep up with the cash mob schedule, you can “like” the marion young professionals and downtown marion, inc. pages on facebook – you can also contact karen herr at 740-382-2181 to be added to the Downtown Marion email blast list. for more information on marion young professionals, visit the website at www.marionyoungprofessionals.org.