just because we are country does not mean we don’t crave some city

while there are tons of things that we absolutely love about living in a small town, there are definitely times when we miss some of the qualities that the big city provides. this summer, we have been successful in finding a couple of our favorite spots right here in marion that provide us with the fun and classy ambiance that we have been searching for!

circa marion and rosa & rocco’s have not only topped our list of new loves, but they are quickly becoming our regular go-to’s for dinner, drinks, entertainment, and catching up with friends. the atmosphere that each of these places provides is exactly what we’ve been looking for! rosa & rocco’s has regular entertainment on thursday, friday, and saturday evenings and has an extensive italian menu, including some amazing desserts. the talented musicians in the rosa & rocco’s rotation create the perfect patio experience – you forget that you are in this little town of ours!

similarly, as soon as you walk into circa marion, you definitely feel like you have stepped off a small town street and into a new york city pub. we don’t know if it’s the exposed brick walls, the beautiful wood floors, the bar or if maybe it’s the sounds of frank sinatra playing in the background – but if you are looking for an adult alternative to the usual weekend hangouts, then circa might just be the perfect place for you to try.

how many times have you and your friends complained about there not being any place to go and or anything to do once the weekend arrives? you know you have, and so have we.  marion is what we make it, and we are choosing to make it fun – and to keep looking for and supporting these hidden gems once we find them.  so, if you find yourself in need of a night out in the big city, just think – you can find it here! you can keep up with both of these businesses on facebook and find them at the following locations:

rosa & rocco’s — 160 mcmahan blvd.

circa marion — 181 n. main st.


Race Brown performing at Rosa & Rocco’s


celebrate summer!

when we think about why some of our favorite towns and cities have been deemed some our favorites there is typically one thing they all have in common – ARTS FESTIVALS! did you know that for something like twentyish years marion has had an arts festival called celebrate summer that happens right in our downtown? neither did we!

i, cara, attended celebrate summer on saturday, june 23rd, and i was completely overwhelmed with how much artistic and creative talent was on display by LOCAL PEOPLE! what would be even more amazing is if even more people became involved for next year’s event! if you are an artist, photographer, jewelry-maker, musician, foodie or anything artsy – this is a fantastic opportunity for you to put your work on display! there is even a beautiful vintage car show and so much more to experience at celebrate summer!

if you have never been to celebrate summer, then mark your calendar for the fourth saturday in june for the rest of your years – AND GO. and if you haven’t spent much time in downtown marion, then this summer is the perfect opportunity to get out of the house and take a look at what’s going on. check out the art studios (the guild), the shopping opportunities (charleston place, home again) and the great places to eat – did you know that the candy shack also serves lunch?! well, they do – and it’s fabulous.

you could easily spend a day exploring downtown marion. we promise that there is more to do than you think there is! not to mention, there are some wonderful people that are really working hard and taking pride in keeping downtown looking attractive – so while you’re visiting, take a moment to say thanks to all of the people you run into that are putting their hearts & passion into OUR downtown. maybe even ask what you can do to help – that would be pretty marionish!