grave encounters

Gypsy Queens, mysterious rotating marble objects and U.S. presidents:
which one does not belong? I don’t know which one you guessed, but
you’re wrong – we just trick questioned you because each one of these
has something in common with one another.

The common thread? Each of these is a description of a supposedly
haunted site in our town. The Gypsy Queen’s grave (Saint Mary’s
Cemetery), the Merchant family ball (Marion Cemetery) and the Harding
Memorial – these are all sites that we visited to attempt to get to
the bottom of some of this supposed unfinished business.

We were unsuccessful in solving any mysteries, but we were super
successful in our mission to learn a little while also getting in a
good scare session…and scare is probably not the right word, but you
may get a little creeped out – especially if your mom also breaks the
news to you that she regularly played in these cemeteries as a child.

We first headed to Marion Cemetery, and it’s amazing to look at the
Merchant family ball and see where the marking of its original base
point is. It’s amazing because you shouldn’t be able to see it at all!
This site was also featured in Ripley’s Believe It or Not in 1929 –
definitely one of our favorite lessons learned.

The Gypsy Queen’s grave is also amazing to see! People from all over
have come to leave jewelry and coins at her gravesite, and it’s said
that a group of gypsies travels through town once a year to pay their
respects to the woman and her child. We don’t know about you guys, but
we think the history in this town is pretty cool!

Last, but not least, is the Harding Memorial. You probably drive past
it all the time, so you feel like you’ve seen it, but you all need to
pull over sometime and walk around this wonderful piece of history! As
you approach the monument, you cannot even believe its size! This
thing is huge, and you begin to wonder whether you are in Washington
D.C. or Marion, Ohio. You cannot truly appreciate it until you have
seen it up close.

These are the things that seem so simple and so “marionish”, but we
completely take them for granted. We are so lucky to have as many
quirky, historical and interesting things to see and do for being such
a small town. We urge you all to go out one day and visit each of
these locations. You can even mark off these sites on your CVB Amazing
Treasures Map! It’s a great afternoon activity, although we decided
to take it the next level and head out in the evening when we could
really get our spook on. The choice is yours – happy hauntings!





why don’t you wine about it?

if you’re going to whine on a friday night, then what better place to do it at then at a vineyard? word play. even better, IT’S A LOCAL VINEYARD. did you know that right here in marion county there is a business that makes their own wine? you may have known that, but did you know that they also hold an event once a month called flatbread friday? if the alliteration didn’t suck you right in, then the homemade brick oven flatbread pizzas and wine tasting will!

cara and i had the pleasure of attending may’s flatbread friday, and let me tell you.. i will be returning to that. shamrock vineyard is located in waldo and sits far off the road on a picturesque farm. van and emily creasap open up their property to you, so that you may enjoy their wine and a relaxing evening with a beautiful setting. a local band by the name of opossum and friends perfected the evening by performing live with their selection of folk and alternative music.

the turnout was great, but we hope for it to be even bigger and better next time. flatbread friday tip: DO NOT leave your headlights on – they will call you out on it and embarrass you all the way to your car. how marionish, am i right?

for all shamrock vineyard happenings visit

to take a listen to a few of opossum and friends’ songs go on over to